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Self-Managed Websites

DIY!  We offer self-managed hosting solutions, using CPanel.  If you're a web expert, and just need someplace to supply some space, We're here to not help!  We offer a range of plans based upon bandwidth and storage space.

We'll scale up with you, and if you need some support, we can provide that at an hourly rate.


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Managed Websites

DIFM  We can help you stand and deliver your message across the interwebz!  Personalization, We can work with you, or just work for you.   If you want us to, we will badger and berate your employees for content to keep your site current.  If you ask us really nice, we can even badger YOU in order to get what we need to build a website that represents your company properly.

Do we need to tie your office manager to the mast and apply the cat 'o nine tails in order to complete our task?  Let's hope not! 

E-Commerce Hosting

Arrrg!   Ready to take on the internet with your new product, or your new marketing strategy?

We will be there to get your booty in front of prospective buyers.  After all, converting goods into rum is a pirate's life, indeed!

Business Application Hosting

Do you have a hot bus app that needs a space to operate?  We will gladly host your LAMP-based Business Solution.

For an additional fee, we will even refrain from stealing all your secrets!  :)